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Announcing candidacy for Representative for District 6

Monday, March 21st, 2022 – Providence, RI – Damian Lima

Damian Lima proudly announces his candidacy for the 2022 elections for Representative for House District 6 of Rhode Island.

Damian is a proud transgender immigrant residing in Providence with his husband. Born in El Salvador, he migrated to the US at 16, where he attended High School. Son of a hotel cleaner, and a machine operator, he understands living off a minimum wage. First in his family to attend college, Damian graduated from Wellesley College with a bachelor's in Women and Gender Studies. Recently he graduated from Simmons University with a Master of Public Health (where he was adjunct faculty in 2021). Throughout his life, he has worked advocating for immigration rights, LGBTQIA+ rights, health, and healthcare, among other causes. In 2016 he was arrested at a protest outside the White House to end the detention of queer and trans refugees.

He believes in the kindness of communities coming together to help each other when their government fails them. Particularly the love that chosen families like his gave him when he did not have a safe place to go. This love of community has propelled him to run for office. Inspired by Cynthia Mende's phrase, "I am tired of asking bad people to do the right thing," he decided to become the one to do the right thing. His contender, Rep. Raymond Hull, is considered moderate in economic policy and conservative in social policy. Rep. Hull voted against Gay Marriage when it came up for a vote at the State House. Last year introduced a bill to charge doctors who perform abortions with a felony.

Damian hopes to be part of a statewide movement to create a State that supports people and families, fights corruption, and puts people's interests above money's interests. His eight-point platforms include housing for all, Medicare for all, the green new deal, $19 minimum wage. He has pledged not to take money from the oil and pharmaceutical corporations and the carceral system. See his website for more information.

His campaign kick-off is scheduled for March 27th.

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